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Welcome to YQ-ChinaTransmissions           
        ---China Reliable Power Transmission Products  Manufacturer.

YQ-CHINATRANSMISSIONS has developed a group of manufacturer and exporter of high quality power transmissions products. Company consists of one head office, one manufactory and scores of cooperate factories. Head office in Hangzhou city and manufactory located in Shengzhou city named Shengzhou Tomorrow machinery co.,ltd(MR.SPROCKET),which has concentrated it’s efforts on the manufacturing of sprockets. It is the center of marketing, delivery, technical support and aftermarket service. the scores of factory located in Zhuji/Xinchang/Jinhua/Changzhou/Shaoxing/Sichuan, all factories are ISO9001 approved. 

YQ-CHINATRANSMISSIONS can ensure every product produced meets strict quality standards. All products are thoroughly inspected for accuracy throughout the manufacturing process. This ensure every final YQ products will be a high quality, dependable product that will surpass your expectations. 

YQ PRODUCTS RANGE: chain sprocket,transsmion chain,engineering chains,high quality gear and shaft,pulley,couplings,etc. 

YQ Commision: 
We are power transmission manufactor, but we are not only a power transmission manfactor, to develop and manufacture the high quality,the best performace transmission products, also, to offer the highest level of customer service and support。

To share your work, To increase your benefit.